Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Kentucky Stars

While I have been busy working on other projects, my Kentucky Stars sneaked in and got worked on too.

The top is done .... except for one circle in the star flower.  That circle was lost months ago.  Lo and behold, didn't I find the circle last night while sitting at my computer on the sofa in the living room.  I thought  my pen was lost in between the sofa cushions and while searching for the pen, the circle was found.  How in the world did it get there?  No sewing is done in the living room and my studio is on the lower level of our home.  The circle must have attached itself to my clothing and made it's way upstairs.  So, now, instead of making another circle, I can just use that one.  Yeah.
My garage quilting friends suggested outline embroidery around the cream stars to give it oomph.  I took their advice and it does make a difference.
When I pan out you can see progress with my split apple core.  All those pieces are sewn together.
On my other design wall, this is what remains to be sewn together.  Oh yes, how lucky am I to have two design walls!
I tried to be so careful not to place same fabrics close together.  Darn, didn't  these two yellow fabrics have to be discovered after they were all sewn together.  The right hand apple core will get unsewn and replaced with a different selection.  It might not really be necessary because the whole look is so busy, but the yellow pops and I know they are there.
Then, another two were found.  These two might be left there because they are hard to find once I step back and look.
I've been marking the completed sections for quilting.  Might as well get a head start on that task and be ready for sandwiching as soon as the top is completed.

A number of comments have been left on my posts on how clever I am to make a split apple core.  Not my idea.  A quilt was found on Pinterest and I just had to make one too.

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Laurel's Stitches said...

Too funny, Rose Marie. I've lost quilt pieces before... I've never thought to look in the couch. : )

Your quilts are gorgeous. I especially like your fabric and colour combinations in your split apple core. Yours is one of the nicest I've seen.

Thank you for linking to The Needle and Thread's WIP Wednesday post.

Raewyn said...

Lovely to see your progress, both quilts are looking gorgeous and the outline embroidery sure does make the star flowers pop beautifully! Funny story about the lost circle!

Sarah Vanderburgh said...

Love your projects! I just put up a second design wall and found it gave me some momentum! I really like your apple core quilt - it looks like it's going to be big!

Debra Anger said...

Wow I can't believe how far you got with this! it looks amazing I also love your applique wall hanging it looks super!
Do you think that maybe Miss Patches snatched it and hid that we piece on you!

Jennifer said...

Perhaps one of us hid your flower circle? We could always blame Kevin......*grin* I agree, the embroidery round the flowers does indeed make your flowers pop! Good idea to change the yellow out, because otherwise your eye would be drawn to that spot every time you looked at the quilt.

Julie Fukuda said...

Yes pieces get lost. The trick is to find them while they still have a life. I wouldn't worry too much about those near-by prints. I try to put things in separate places too but every now and then, they get a mind of their own. With all those pieces, probably no one but you will notice. Or, you can play an I-Spy game on the quilt to find and count all the pieces of one fabric.

Karen said...

I like your star flower wall hanging very much. A good design and good choice of fabrics.