Friday, June 12, 2015

A bit of uphostery

I caught a cold after coming back from Curacao.  Perhaps on the plane.  Anyway, not much happening these days quilt wise.

Recently, this rocking chair was purchased at a thrift store and it just needed a to have the fabric changed.  This is the after photo.

While undoing the seating, this chair has been re-upholstered once before it came into my hands.  The turquoise is the original.  An extra layer of foam was put onto the seat to make it more comfortable.
What I like about this rocking chair is that it folds.  Perfect for our cottage porch.  There is not much room on the porch and this chair can easily be stored away and taken out when needed.
On the quilting front, my triangles got worked on a bit.  Almost 5 rows done now on the top left section (the missing section is shown in the photo below).
Here is that section of row pinned onto a piece of Styrofoam, ready for me to work on it.
A bear cub was spotted on our neighbour's hill last night.  Their dogs woke them up twice and when they shone a spotlight up the hill, they spotted the cub.  So, where is the mother?

My DH was going to work on the hill this morning, but when the neighbour told him about the bear cub, he had second thoughts.

Have a great day!


Karen in Breezy Point said...

I think I would have second thought about working on that hill also! Your chair is an awesome find--I love that it folds--a definite bonus!

Jennifer said...

I've never seen a folding rocker - isn't that clever! Yes, I wouldn't be going up on the hill either......Mamma Bear might now be too far away.