Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ho Hum

These days, I'm jumping around working on different projects.  Boredom has set in and when that happens, different projects come out and get worked on.  Well .... at least they get worked on and that is a good thing .... right!

My Colonial Scrappy Garden has received much attention these past few weeks.  Much progress has been made. What has taken me the longest to do was cutting out all the pieces for the other half of this quilt.  Now that they are cut, I can EPP to my heart's content.

Below are pieces that need to be sewn into triangles.  They will go back in the bottom section (see above photo) where it looks like a chunk is missing.
Nine chicken pincushions have been made.   These six are for an event coming up in May and I will be talking about it then.
My kaleidoscope quilt still gets worked on every few days and I will have a post about that quilt maybe next week so that you can see my progress.

So, some things got done and that makes me smile!

From time-to-time, emails come to me asking about this quilt.  It is an original and there is no pattern.  This hanging pretty well sums up what our winter has been like.  Very cold with lots of snow. 

Have a great day.


Jennifer said...

At least one of the fabrics in Colonial Scrappy Garden is in my stash, too! Cute little pincushions - I was given one when I attended a quilt show in Kincardine, on our last visit to Ontario.

Barb said...

Ho hum is right
I've always loved your Winter quilt - makes the snow easier to take.
Love your scrappy garden - great piecing!
cute cute chickens.

Debra Anger said...

Love your chicks there they are cute. mom and I made a bunch for christmas for her quilting friends as Christmas gifts. they were really funkie. it is so so cold today!

paulette said...

A little bit here, a little bit there...they all add up!! Love your projects!!