Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Playing 'what if' again ...

I love doing that .... it is fun and it gets my creative thinking racing.

As I was sitting in my chair and looking at my Promise of Spring top on my design wall, it just felt that something was missing.  But what?

I kept looking at the centre section and thought the jade green leaves at the end of each stem was lacking.  What if it was surrounded by red?  The template was enlarged by 30% and suddenly that leaf doesn't look so lost and it looks more defined.

Here is an overall shot of just the one leaf in the centre section:
In this shot, more red has been added and now I'm liking it more and more.  Not sure if those birds will be staying or going.  We'll see as time goes by.
You know, life can be so tough some days.  Miss Ashes sure knows how to relax, doesn't she?
Have a great day!