Saturday, May 11, 2013

Oh dear ....

I didn't mean for this to happen .... 5 Judge's choice and 1 Viewer's Choice ribbons.  My quilts won these ribbons at our recent Quilts by the Bay quilt show in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. 

The members of my guild (Near North Quilter's Guild) are very talented and very prolific and a number of my quilts were entered to be judged in the off chance that I might win at least one ribbon.  You can only imagine my surprise when I saw all these ribbons on my quilts.  Oh dear!  Excited, honoured, humbled and dismayed.  Those are my feelings regarding these ribbons.

The following is a run-down on the quilts that won as well as the judges' comments (which were very interesting and very welcome).
Hand quilted quilt, traditional piecing or applique techniques made entirely by one person, perimeter 304" or larger:
First place for Klosjes - My Little Spools.
Judges' comments:
- excellent use and balance of fabrics for a very pleasing overall design
- quilt would benefit from blocking so that the quilt edges are square and straight
- hand quilting is even and beautifully executed and supports the overall design of the quilt
Second Place - Old Tyme Plaid
Judges' comments:
- good use of colour and balance in this scrappy quilt
- the quilt would benefit from crisp corners in the edge finishing (binding)
- the hand quilting is evenly stitched in an attractive pattern which adds movement to the composition

Third Place - Just a Scrappy Quilt
Judges' comments:
- excellent balance of a rainbow colour scheme makes this a very appealing quilt
- edge finishing would benefit from crisp corners in the binding
- small evenly spaced stitching and quilting design adds great appeal to this quilt

One-of-a-kind/innovative quilt or wall hanging any size:
First place - Winters of My Life
Judges' comments:
- a wonderfully whimsical composition that reflects many aspects of the northern winter season
- take care in the use of dramatically contrasting colour (i.e. red house and snowman's hat) as they can become a focal point that keeps the eye from moving throughout the piece
- hand and machine quilting are well done and effective in this quilt

Blooming Flowers
Judges' Comments:
- excellent hand embroidery provides a focus to this piece
- take care when applying binding to make sure corners are crisp and square
- hand quilting is even and supports the design of the piece

Wearable quilted item:

Second place - flannel jacket
Judges' comments:
- nice choice of autumn palette fabrics
- take care with button holes - perhaps light interfacing would help keep their shape
- the small piecing in collar and cuffs add a nice finishing detail
Miniature quilt - Viewer's Choice
As I was going through my quilts and deciding which ones to enter, I knew beforehand what some of the judges' comments would be.  Especially my bindings.  They have always given me grief and this is something that I struggle with each time they get applied to my quilts.  Darn those corners!  If any of my quilts are entered into future quilt shows, well, at least I know what has to be concentrated on.
It was a wonderful experience to have a number of my quilts judged.  It was something that I have always wanted to have done and now that item can be crossed off my bucket list!
Lastly, many thanks to Deanna of our guild for giving a fabulous tip for increasing the size of sleeves to meet the requirements for a quilt show.  She said to just add another strip of fabric to the existing sleeve to make it bigger.  This tip saved me a lot of grief and got my quilts ready for showing quicker than expected.
Have a great day!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

congrats on you wins! bindings are a problem for me at times also. I have never blocked a quilt in my life either

Mimi said...

Wow!! You can be proud for all your creative accomplishments!! Sure wish that I lived closer to North Bay to go to one of these. Congratulations!

Jennifer said...

Those are very positive comments! Such a great result for all your beautiful work, too.

Amy said...

Congratulations! Your quilts are beautiful!

Karen said...

I am soooo happy for you! How wonderful. I knew that your Klosjes quilt was special, it's been a favorite of mine.

Lois (AKA Onnie) said...

How exciting for you!! I would never, ever enter anything! It was very interesting to read what the judges had to say. I see what the guy means about the red in the blue quilt, but I love it that way! Go figure.

Celia Ambrose said...

How wonderful to have this recognition from the judges. Very nice quilts. You should be proud with your hand quilting skills. I have never found my groove for hand quilting. Good for you! thanks for sharing your beautiful quilts. Happy Mother's Day weekend.

Marls said...

CONGRATULATIONS. How fantastic for you. They are beautiful quilts. Thank you for sharing the judge's comments with us all-corners on bindings I never seem to get right.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Well done...congratulations....Rose Marie your quilts are stunning.....

W. Latane Barton said...

Congratulations, Rose Marie....Those quilts deserved every ribbon!!

Janet said...

What a happy quilt show experience for you! Congratulations.

Julie Fukuda said...

You have out-done yourself! How nice your work was appreciated by others.

hetty said...

Congratulations! Your quilts are beautiful and deserve those ribbons.

Gail said...

I've never seen this before - 5 ribbons! I hope you're teaching quilt classes.

Adrienne Cleave said...

Congratulations! The quilts all look beautiful (as always).....wish I could have attended the show and seen them in person.

Mary said...

You deserve every one of those ribbons. Your work is beautiful. What a wonderful tribute to your amazing work.

Teresa said...

Congratulations!!!! Your quilts always inspire me and I am so glad the judge also recognized how wonderful they all are.

Dora Valverde Méndez said...

Congratulations Rose Marie! What a great acomplishment and your work is beautiful. Best wishes!

Dora Valverde Méndez said...

Congratulations Rose Marie! What a great acomplishment and your work is beautiful. Best wishes!

Deanna W said...

Well deserved ribbons. Your quilts were the handquilting. Thanks for the mention, I try to find shortcuts that don't look like shortcuts!!

Rainbows in Wool said...

Congrats, but I don't understand the judges remarks on the first one. how do you block a quilt?