Saturday, April 6, 2013

Renovation time

Not much in the quilting department has been happening .... we are in the midst of renovations.   We will be having hardwood flooring installed and all the carpeting has been ripped up and a ton of screws were screwed into the plywood.  No more squeaks!  Wallpaper has been removed from the walls and they are now ready for painting.  My quilts have once again been folded and stored in bins.  The house sure looks bare without them on the walls and displayed on the quilt ladder. 

It has been a bit stressful for the girls and they are probably thinking that we will be moving again.  Nope, this is their forever home.

Doesn't Miss Hank look lonely?  She recently gave us a bit of a scare but has rallied around again!  We're giving the girls extra attention and playtime to help them get over this upheaval.
Miss Ashes tries to hide in our newspaper box that was just emptied for recycling ....
....  and she takes her turn on the small piece of carpeting that we cut off for the girls to lay down on.
In the evenings, I have been working on my Granddaughter's Garden.  Yep, another UFO.  I'm too tired to do much of anything else and this is a good project to just pick-up and work on.  Slowly, but surely, this top is coming together and will be ready for borders in another couple of weeks.  For my borders, this was the layout that appealed to me.  A navy blue for the inner border and then white for the outer border.  
Then, I found and bought a gorgeous piece of striped green fabric for the outer borders. So, the white is out and the green stripe is in.
My studio has also become a painting studio.  DH replaced all the closet and room doors and I'm painting them .... slowly but surely.
My DH snapped a photo of me surrounded by piles of fabric scraps as I was working on my templates for the above quilt.
This is what it looked like from my chair.  I was just pulling fabrics at random that were within my reach.
Perhaps, it would be a good idea to get myself organized a bit so that I don't trip over the piles of fabric at my feet.  Ah, so much better!  :o)
Early one morning this week, I awoke to find DH opening the window blinds.  What a delightful sight to wake up to.  Four deer in our backyard!  :o)

Have a great day!


Jennifer said...

Deer.....and snow still on the ground! When will it all melt? Love your Schoolhouse top, that border is so right - and the green stripe is ideal for those hexies.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love your quilts and always like deer in the yard!

Colleen said...

Deer.... yep... love to see them in my yard, but this winter they ate all of my evergreen trees... sigh. But they were apparently very hungry, so I will forgive! Love the green you selected for the border. Makes the whole quilt come together perfectly :o)

Karen said...

Looking good all the way around - the house, the kitties and the quilt!

Bren said...

So good to "see" you!!!! Love your kitties and the green stripe is perfect for that quilt. Love how you can find organization in the middle of remodeling! <3

Marga (MarPie) said...

Love the granddaughterquilt, THe blue and big green border are perfect for it.
Wat a view you have.

Warm regards,

Teresa said...

I am with you - the green stripe is absolutely perfect! Its going to be a wonderful quilt.