Sunday, February 3, 2013

Log cabin and review

Back in December, I was approached about doing a review for a Fons and Porter ebook along with a number of other quilters in blogland.  It has been interesting to read their reviews.  Now, the time has come to do my review.

For my review, I have chosen to take one pattern and work on it and see what it turns out like.

This is the pattern that I have been wanting to make since I saw it:

This is it .... just the one page.  No other instructins.  No yardage .... not even for the borders. The instructions for the setting triangles and corners are vague.  This pattern would be considered challenging (but it is not rated at all).  Regardless, I love a challenge and this pattern ticks off all of those boxes for me.

To help me with the cutting, I made a chart to guide me for cutting two strips from the same fabric.  The chart in the pattern (you have to click onto the photo above to see what I mean) just did not work for me, but it was a good starting off point.

Once the strips were cut out, they were laid on a board in the order of how they are to be sewn. 

Since the pattern did not indicate which direction the seams are to be pressed, I opted to press my seams open.  BTW, it turns out that the seams could be pressed any way and it won't interfere with the adjoining blocks. 
 Two blocks got made very quickly.
What the heck, how about another two blocks.

Yes, I'm loving these blocks and this pattern.  Also, there are no cutting errors with this pattern and that is nice to see.

What do I think about this ebook? 
  • There are seven quilts.  Four are rated (with complete instructions), three are not rated (vague instructions).    
  • There is a quilt for every person at the easy, intermediate and challenging level.
  • There are great tips. 
Thank you to the Fons and Porter team for asking me to review their ebook.  The experience was interesting, it was a thrill being asked and I can tick this item off my bucket list.

Go here and check it out for yourself and make your very own log cabin quilt.

Have a great day!


Quilt crazy said...

Interesting, seems fairly similar to a paper pieced version the did on TV this week. I think it was the 2100 series.

Jennifer said...

Looks like a good project to use up scraps!

Barb said...

I too have seen the ebook and I think it is cool.
Your log looks great, love the colors.
I think I'll link the ebook on my blog this week -

Karen said...

Looking good. I downloaded the free book, pretty cool. This has always been a favorite pattern of mine.

Karendianne said...

I really like the log cabin - just haven't finished one I liked… this one though - well I love it. Of course. Great review!!