Thursday, October 13, 2011

An Autumn Trip - Tutorial - Part 2

Now that I'm home again after visiting with family, it is time to buckle down and give you Part 2 of my tutorial for making this Trip Around The World. Are you ready?

Some blocks in this tutorial will have 6 strips per block and others will have 5. Just be sure to copy exactly as per each photo.

Block A - Here is the first block. The photos below this will show you how.Fig. 1 – To replicate the top block, take one of your tubes and locate the the cream on top and the rust right below. Rip out the seam where my seam ripper is pointing to, open and place just below the above strip.

Fig. 2 – Remember those 24 strips that were not sewn into tubes? Well, take one of those strips and place it in the same order as the top block.

Fig. 3 – Continuing the pattern, pick-up another tube and locate the yellow/darker blue colours and rip out the seam where my seam ripper is indicating.

Fig. 4, 5 and 6 – Follow the same pattern for each strip as shown and rip out the seams where my seam ripper is pointing to.

Once you have finished removing the seams for each strip indicated, sew the strips together (be careful not to mix them up) and press open the seams. When sewing the seams together, I used a lot of pins and it really did make a big difference in my seams matching up.

My favourite pins are made by Dritz. The pins slide easily through all the layers and hold very well.

When pinning the strips together, I placed 2 pins per seam intersection. By doing this, none of my seams had to be re-done. If you are not as fussy as me, do what you are most comfortable doing.

After all your Block A (did you make 3 of them?) have been sewn correctly, mark your blocks A with a piece of paper, etc. so that when it comes time to assemble you will be able to locate the correct block when they are called for. My favourite method, is taking a scrap piece of paper and write the appropriate letter, then clip the paper to the pile of blocks with a clothespin. This way, the blocks stay together in the pile and don’t come loose and get mixed up with other blocks.

The rest of the blocks:
Now that Block A is done, the rest of the blocks to be made are indicated below. All you have to do is locate the correct top and bottom colours on your tube and remove the seam between those colours and place them in the order exactly as per each photo.

Block Aa - make 3

Block B - make 6

Block C - make 3

Block Cc - make 3

Block D - make 6

Next tutorial will show how to assemble the blocks so that the pattern emerges.

For this tutorial, you do have my permission to copy the photos, the tutorial, etc. and share amongst friends ..... please .... just don't use any of this tutorial for $ profit.

Have fun!


Janet said...

What an awesome tutorial, it's very clear so thank you because I am saving them.

Jennifer said...

When we return from holidays I am going to make one of these, so thank you for the tutorial.