Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Season of Giving

Do you remember this quilt that I made and sent over to Italy for the 'Thousand Colours' earthquake project? Well, this holiday season the quilts are being handed out to the children living in the towns that were devastated during the earthquake. Go here to read all about the presentation ceremonies and scroll down to read more about the project. This is the season of giving and what a perfect time to give to these children.

Wishing all of you Happy Holidays. Stay safe! :o)


*karendianne. said...

I do remember. Beautiful quilt it was and I know how it made some child very happy. So special. Gosh, and this time the school's name is A Tree of a Thousand Colours! I'm glad I went to the link and checked this out. Tears almost welled up in my eyes. You're such a giving heart Rose Marie.

Unknown said...

You are right, this is just the perfect season to be giving these kids the quilts! Fantastic.

Jennifer said...

Christmas is the time of giving, and what wonderful gifts for those children and their families!

Deb said...

Awesome!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday..up there in the Nort' will miss you..
Safe travells and looking forward to the New year with your great quilting adventures.